Tuesday, June 17, 2008

brand new day

Sitting out here on the White Street Pier most mornings with a con leche and a sketchbook, I watch the brand new day rise out of the Atlantic.
I may use the time to talk things over with the Creator or reflect on the pleasures of the night before or just consider what needs doing in the day ahead. Whatever it is, it's always with gratitude for another opportunity.
Every new day is another opportunity. . .
To learn something new - or not, to be productive - or not, to make someone smile - or not.
Whatever happens by the end of the day is never really as important as the feelings of wonder, enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to try again.
Every morning, for just a little while, the day is mine and the opportunities are endless.

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Anonymous said...

I love your photo - I'm a repeat visitor to Key West and despite always telling myself I am going to make it out for a sunrise life always seems to take me another direction. Thanks for showing me what I am missing.