Thursday, June 4, 2009

mid-week musings

So it's Thursday again and while I'm waiting for Doc Cooper and Mrs. Saunders to put their finishing touches on the BluePaper's editorial content for this week and before I get the call to come by and do my magical mischief to get it all prepped for printing, I thought I'd set a few of my "peripheral pictures" free.

Peripheral pictures, of course, are the shots you shoot on your way to some other subject. . .
Something catches your eye, in the moment it's "Keys unique" and hell, it's a digital camera, take the damned picture!

I've always liked the look of Mac's. It's seemingly old Key West rustic, my friend Linda works there and if you walk by when there's a breeze, the bamboo wind chimes, hanging just under the roof, offer an orchestral wall of sound to rival Phil Spector.

What caught me at the Banyan Resort was the distinct reflection in the window. While I was shooting a few different angles, a Conch Train came by behind me and the driver was announcing to his passengers that the Banyan tree I'm shooting through here was somehow connected to the Bayan tree at the back of the same property. "Hmmm" I thought, all one organism like the stands of Birch trees I've seen in Colorado, how cool and I'll have to look into that.

The cruise ship, I think it's called "Empress of the Sea", caught me at just the right angle to inspire me to see it (or is that sea it??) nesting in the treetops. But mostly what grabbed me was the color relationship between the thick, rich greens and blue we see almost every day down here with just that spark of white, literally floating between heaven and earth.

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