Sunday, February 6, 2011

sculpture key west

Sculpture Key West (SKW) is an annual Keys event dedicated to celebrating the arts. An outdoor event, Sculpture Key West features the work of artists from around the world at 4 distinctive venues. . .
Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, the Key West Garden Club at West Martello Tower, the KeyWest Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden and 540 Greene Street. (sorry, no website)

As I see it, the function of art is to draw the participant (I do believe viewing or listening to any form of art is a participatory action) to draw the participant, at least temporarily, out of their prescribed mindset. (although sometimes the impression can be lasting).
It can bring a smile, enrage passions, inspire new thoughts, inform or even confuse the holy hell out of you.

I experienced that gamut of motivations recently when I took advantage of my new found "auto-mobility" to visit a few of the SKW venues.
Here's a sampling of what I found. . .

Fort Zachary Taylor

Square Wave, Bill Wood

Photosynthesis, Myung Gyun You

Angel, Luciano di Rosa

Contemporary Cannon, Tom Risser

Hard Place, Jiwan Noah Singh

Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden

Diaspora Series, Lori Nozick

Anima, Susan Bennett

No Longer Waiting, Roberta Marks

Key West Garden Cub @ West Martello Tower

Wall of Wisdom, Susan Johnson

Rasta Rooster, Bounce Margil

Angeline, Lynn Umlauf

Templates of Clouds, Maja Godlewska

Now this is one of those pieces of art that informs.
(at least, it taught me something new)

Laid out in a large circle were better than a dozen old album covers that had been transferred onto tiles at actual album cover size. They were records from the 50's & 60's by a dude called "The Mighty Sparrow".
Well, I'd never heard of him so, being the kind of inquisitive mind I am, I looked him up. . .

Sparrow Come Back Home, Buckley & Mark Harris

. . .and this cat is truly, "The King of Calypso"!
Check out these 3 links I've attached.
You're gonna love this guy!!

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