Sunday, March 4, 2012

a keys kinda weekend

There's always a lot going on in Key West and this weekend was no exception.
Yesterday I divided my time between the Schooner Wharf "Open Air Art & Music Affair" and the OIRF "ConchShell Blowing Contest".
Both were good excuses to get out and about among the
mischievous masses and enjoy a day under the sun and a cloudless blue sky.

I don't really have much to say about either event, but here are a few prime pix and some Conch Honking sound. . .

Schooner Wharf Bar, Open Air Art & Music Affair

This is my friend Mally, who's work I have always admired.
Make a minute to have a look at

OIRF ConchShell Blowing Contest at the Oldest
House Museum

. . .and if you've never heard what a ConchShell sounds like, here's a sound bite. . .

Click the arrow to start video. Run time, 1:14

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