Monday, May 28, 2012

memorial day - VIDEO

This is one of the earliest video pieces I put together.
I don't resurrect it very often but considering that this is the first Memorial Day since the end of that Iraq thing and the rest of us having another 4,000 or so brave American souls to think about while we enjoy a cold beverage at the barbeque this afternoon, I thought it might be appropriate
to run it once again.

War is wrong.

But apparently war is profitable, for at least 1% of the population. And no matter what our current collection of pigheaded politicians have to say about spreading freedom and democracy, we don't fight wars for mother and country anymore, we fight for profit.
That's the thing that makes modern war unforgivable.

On our side alone, 4,000 young people will never again feel the warm sun on their faces; will never again catch a ball game, read a good book, see their children grow up or grow old themselves beside the love of their lives. And they surely won't be with us at the barbeque this afternoon.
Killing someone takes away everything they have and everything they were ever going to have.

War is wrong. War for profit is unforgivable.