Sunday, June 24, 2012

safe harbour

Safe Harbour, for my out-of-town readers, is a real place.
It's a deep water marina and floats beside what's left of the shrimp boat fleet and the Hogfish bar & grill out on the Atlantic side of Stock Island.
It's a peaceful, easy place.

This floating house is out there. I like it and have spent probably too much time imagining how I might
make it mine.

But it's not the place, Safe Harbour, but the concept of "safe harbour" that I wanted to think about today.
To my mind,"safe harbour" is a transient kind of illusion.

You, like me, have good friends, a comfy place to live with all the bills current and a few extra bucks stashed away and, we think, "all is well with the world".
And it is, for the moment, but there's always a storm just over the horizon. Then, in a New York minute. . .

It's like the song suggests,
"safety's just danger . . .out of place".*

* "Honestly Now", Harry Connick, Jr.

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