Thursday, July 5, 2012

two for the price of one

I thought, for sure, that last night's July 4th fireworks display would be rained out.
I mean, from late yesterday afternoon until probably well after I went to bed around midnight, it was raining like holy hell.
But I was wrong.

 Right around 9pm came the boom boom - flash flash of fireworks. I'd again underestimated the indefatigable spirit of my fellow Key Westers.

So true to form and being still young enough at heart to be lured by colourful events, I was compelled to break out my umbrella and troddle out to the middle of my street in the pouring rain (wearing my flip flops and cargo shorts but naked from the waist up) to watch the goings on.
My thought as I walked out from under the roof of my bone porch was, "you knucklehead, you're gonna get soaked!"

. . .And I did. But as I saw, so did neighbors  Tonya, Annie, Nick, and the new couple up the street whom I haven't yet.

The fireworks display was first rate and many of us, around town, chipped in to help make sure it would be. But as I stood out there in the rain watching the show, in between the impressive "rockets red glare" and "bombs bursting in air" were the booms of thunder and flashes of lightening that lit the sky like no man-made contrivance can.

It was like mother nature was asking, "yo dudes, is that all you've got?"
Another example that nothing man-kind does, trumps nature.

 But for those of us who helped feed the kitty for the fireworks display, I thought, "we got two fireworks displays for the price of one". 

*By the way, these are not my pictures, I picked them up off the internet to help make my point.

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