Sunday, March 10, 2013

something "key westie"

I started a new job a few days ago.

After the Blue Paper went out of business back in early November, I was fortunate enough to afford to forget about working for a while and enjoy this beautiful place
where I live.
There was time to go to the beach, get a little better at sailing, do a handful of new paintings and read. All that lasted through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But by the end of February I started getting buggy.

So I sent up a few flairs to continue my career as a designer and art director. I got some great response, mostly from Miami, and then I realized that my getting back to art direction was sort of a knee-jerk reaction. I really wanted to do something new, something "Key Westie"

I took a look at the KeysNews classified, just to see what might be out there. I found ads for "front desk agents", "barber/stylists", "pipe fitters", "cooks & crane operators", "landscape maintenance workers" and "housekeepers".

And under each ad it also said, "experience required".

Well of course all those gigs are good honest work but I don't have experience in any of them. And then, at the bottom of the listings column was, "Local Gallery - Sales Position".

Now, I've never been in sales but I can do the "art-speak" thing all day and then some and, like I said, I wanted out of my professional comfort zone.

So I called the gallery, said I'd be by the next morning and
that was that.
The next morning I grabbed a shower, put on my cleanest dirty shirt and headed over to the gallery, half expecting not
very much.
I walked in the gallery, sat down and talked to the gallery director for ten minutes and FLASH!! I had the job.

Well, I learned quickly that standing around on a tile floor doing very little or nothing for seven or eight hours is, even in my most comfortable shoes, very hard on the feet and legs.
It's a lot like the first few times you go sailing. The boat pitches and rolls, you don't know how to plant your feet because you don't have your sea legs yet.
After a few hours it gets uncomfortable.

But I've just started this new gig and, feet and legs aside, with time, I think I'll get good at it.

Meanwhile, I know several of KWTB's followers visit Key West from time to time.
If you're planning a visit, please drop me an e-mail at:

I'll reply with which gallery and where it is.
I'd enjoy meeting as many of you good people as I can.

(and no, I won't pressure you to buy anything)

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