Friday, December 11, 2009

pet night at the bight

I dreamed I was a fly on the wall at homeland security. . .

"Hey!! Who's that guy hangin' out and drawing a crowd down at the bight?
He's wearin' a red suit, could be some kind of Communist!
And look at the long hair and his beard!
I bet he's some hippie throw-back protesting the wars!!

. . .And what's in that pipe he's smoking??"

"And look at this, he's got a helper!
Looks like she's recruiting some radical reindeer militia member!!
. . .and right under the navy's nose!!"

"We'd better raise the threat level from green to red and break out the water cannon!!!"

Oh No, No, No and Ho, Ho, Ho my paranoid patriots, it's "Just 4 Kids" Pet Pictures with Santa Night at the Bight. Just one of the many events that have been part of the "Bight Before Christmas" Celebration.
(I was a fly on the wall there too. . . a fotograpic fly)

There were doggie-dogs and kitty-cats and pets of all persuasions.
(Someone even brought their hamster.)

All those doggies!
The only thing more popular than Santa, was this tree.

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