Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day, 2010 - VIDEO

This video montage was the very first I produced. I've done several since but I've got a real soft-spot for this one. It's three years old today. I noticed as I was just mixing it down for posting that there are no titles or scrolling credits. That might be because, being the first, I hadn't yet learned how to get them from the software, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Three years ago, Mr. Bush's war wasn't going well and about that time, we were beginning to hear daily body counts from Iraq. For me and a lot of other Americans, it was starting to smell like VietNam all over again.

I chose not to include titles and credits because, as much as I learned and loved it while producing the piece, the energy I was investing wasn't about me. This piece was, and is, my quiet tribute to all those who have laid it down in the past and all those who are trying hard not to lay it down today, fighting wars for the lies they've been told by American governments, past and present.

I wondered, during or country's 234 years, how many brave American's "sacrifices" are we remembering. . .
According to the U.S. Military Institute: 1,315,998
Total battle deaths in all of America's wars.
(sounds like an awfully low number)

click arrow to start video. run time, 4:21

Below is a short list of the America's wars, dating back to the beginning of things. At the end of the list, I've included a link to an almost hour long documentary, "ReThink Afghanistan".
You may be interested to find out what's really happening on the ground there, right now.
Revolutionary War
Northwest Indian War
First Barbary War
War of 1812
Second Barbary War
Black Hawk War
Mexican-American War
American Civil War
Spanish-American War
Philippine-American War
World War I
World War II
- European Campaign
- African Campaign
- Pacific Campaign
Cold War
- Korean Conflict
- Vietnam Conflict
- Operation Power Pack
- Operation Urgent Fury
- Operation Just Cause
Gulf War
- Operation Desert Storm
- Operation Desert Shield
Yugoslav Wars
- Kosovo War
- Bosnian War
Global War on Terror
- Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan
- Operation Enduring Freedom, Horn of Africa
- Operation Enduring Freedom, Philippines
- Operation Iraqi Freedom

Please click this link to watch,
It is worth your time.

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