Monday, November 15, 2010

power to the people

When you live on an island that's connected electrically to the mainland by a 160 mile long extension cord, you have to expect that every once in a while someone or something is gonna accidently trip over it and kick out the plug.

I think about that every time the power goes down, like it did for about 10 or 15 minutes last night and, in a more creative state of consciousness I can almost see the Incredible Hulk lumbering across Long Key, gettin' tangled up in the power lines and tearing them down .
(it's an artist thing)

One never knows when the power will crap out or how long the outage will last so one always has a flashlight handy, makes their way around the home lighting strategically positioned candles and sits out on the porch or patio with a cocktail where it's always sure to be cooler.

Like I said, last night's power loss was 10 or 15 minutes; no big deal. But sittin' outside in the streetlight-less dark, without the ambient glow of the city, more stars were visible and the buzz, that you can feel more than you actually hear, from the power lines over the houses, just wasn't there.
It's really quite romantic.

But even so, if at first blush the lack of electricity makes the world feel like there's more room for romance in the air; candles burning, no computer, telephone or TV and less energy coursing through the ether; after a night or two, once the flashlight batteries start to fade and the beer in the fridge gets warm, being without electricity is very much like romance itself, once the novelty has worn off; a real pain in the ass.

So my thanks to our friends at KeysEnergy for always being out there to face down the Hulk (or whatever mutant force is tugging at the extension cord) and always restoring
power to the people.

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