Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January in Paradise

So it's January in paradise.
The time of year when the cooler weather kicks in and locals huddle back into their cocoons.

Little by little the festive lights lining the streets and adorning the quaint Old Town homes, flicker out. Then somehow, so does the holiday spark in everyone's eyes.

We hang up our "gay apparel" and once again dawn our hair-shirts with the realization that "o sh*t here comes
tax time again"

These are the "grunt months", but there are only four months more to go until we're back on the beach.

Left of Sensible

The Keys, and particularly Key West, have a reputation for being just a little "left of sensible".
(and that's why I like it here)

But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.
Who was the Spanish explorer who discovered the Keys
back in 1513?
It was Juan Ponce De Leone.
And what was he looking for when he got here?
The fountain of youth. (go figure!)
Our "left of sensible" thing must be somehow genetic.
(or maybe there's just something in the water!)

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