Saturday, August 3, 2013

west wing

Back at Christmas time a good friend, knowing it is my favorite TV show, gifted me with a box set of West Wing.
All 7 seasons on 45 discs and about 180 episodes all told.

It's taken many months but I've seen all the episodes now.

When the show actually aired on TV, I was owner/operating my Philadelphia ad agency (it was a pretty busy time) so I'd only sometimes catch a few minutes of it.
All the same, something about it grabbed me.
Then after I'd moved to Key West and started with the Blue Paper, the show was in re-runs and once in a while, on my off days, I'd catch a full episode here and there.

But now with this great gift I've seen it all, start to finish, front to back, top to bottom; and you know, it's really good.

True enough, it's reality based fiction (I mean, where in the real world would you ever find a good hearted honest politician?) but the casting is great, the walk and talk camera angles are dynamic and the dual story lines are engaging and
often humorous.

But what I like most is how the characters seem to actually like each other.
Whether they're in the tall grass or dancing in the outfield, there's a common bond; a loyalty to each other and their goal, at the end of the day, is to do some good.

It's a really optimistic view.

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Chuck Ball said...

I really enjoyed West Wing too...what a great gift from your friend...too bad our real politicians don't seem to try to do some good...