Sunday, October 26, 2008

fantasy festivities - VIDEO

Fantasy Fest comes once a year and when it does it brings good cheer;
The locals' are glad for the hoops and hollers while raking in tons of tourist dollars. . .

I guess I've seen Fantasy Fest Parades most every way you can. Like a spectator, as a madness monitor, beside a float, on a float and selling beer from the side lines. It's always been fun.

This year I wanted to see it from behind the camera so since Monday I've shot piles of photographs and miles of streaming video. This is a short sampling of those efforts. (yes friends, this is the PG version - no need to lock the children in
their rooms).

Enjoy. . .

click arrow to start video. run time, 4:17

1 comment:

Dick said...

You were a busy bob! You must have started after midnight to put that PG video together.You must have spent more time editing OUT than selecting clips to put IN! I spent the day fighting with Photoshop to prepare my entry for the competition for art at the airport. Thx for the reminder....DICK