Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boy on the rocks

For most of his walk through his life on this world, the path was smooth and graded. Sure, there were stumbling stretches of p-rock or brick along the way and he'd always find his way through them; but for the most part, his path was an asphalt cushioned cake-walk with incredible views.
Still, the path always changes though the unseen reason for the journey and his own curiosity continued to lead him on. In time the asphalt gave way to gravel and the gravel gave way to bare earth. The path, now organic, exposed the hidden heart of his wandering; then shortly betrayed his way to white sands that slid below boulders reaching out into the ocean.

At that moment of impasse at the small wall of stone, he sat back in the sands to ponder the change with his head in his hands. There was no going back, he knew that much for sure and not moving forward he knew was surrender. So forward and up over the first boulder he climbed leaving a bit more of bad karma behind.

On top of the rocks still another incredible view spread before him, directing his next steps to come closer to home. The blue water pointed the way but after so long with his feet on the ground the notion of floating ocean was mostly unknown and the unknown, we all know, is something to fear.

Cautious and slow in his way along the precarious path, he walks without shoes, feeling the heat of the stones through the soles of his feet. Land's end at last and the promise of home, only one step more to know the unknown.

That boy on the rocks lives in all of our hearts on a precarious life path of fits and starts. We learn what we can and love when we may yet stand exposed and alone at the end of our day. There's no one to help us and no time to wait, all that remains is our last leap of faith.

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