Saturday, January 3, 2009

breathing in the keys

I was thinking. . .
All of us living here in the city at the end of the road call each other "Key West-ers". Of course before we're "Key West-ers" we're "Amer-icans" and, before we're "Amer-icans" we're "Earth-lings".
People from Sweden are "Swed-ish", from China come "Chin-ese", ladies from Spain are Span-iards and those folks in Israel are "Israel-ites".

How, in this most colorful of places to live, did we end up with such an uninspired moniker? "Key West-ers", it's just a bit flat.

Wouldn't it be appropriately colorful to say we were "Key West-icans" or "Key West-ish", "Key West-lings", "Key West-ese or "Key West-ites"?
If it were up to me I'd go for "Key West-ists". It rhymes with "left-ists", is poetic with "pee-tests" and all of us go to dent-ists. . .
But nooo!! We're a community of plain old "Key West-ers". So it goes. . .

While I'm on a community kick, let me turn you on to a "virtual community" of and for "Key West-ers" on-line, called "Key West Wire". It's like the Keys' own FaceBook. You can post photos,videos and blog-isms, musicians and artists and dancers and DJs can plug upcoming events, everyone is welcome and it all FREE.
"Breathing In The Keys"
is my page on "Key West Wire" and a click of the link will take you there.

Other-than-that, (other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?) it's looking like a great sunny Saturday out there and I'm gonna get my "Key West-ist keys-ter" out in it. See you all around campus.


The Traveler said...

Do you know if the Waterfront Market is still open? I'll be down to the keys soon.. :) I heard the market was closing, but I loved it and am hoping it is still open..

arthur winstanley said...

yes, waterfront is still here, it just changed owners.