Saturday, May 16, 2009

key west walkabout

By the time this morning's welcome rain finished falling, I'd done just about enough of my Saturday chores as I was figuring to and it was time to get out of the house. Under a partly sunny sky with that rain-washed fresh smell in the air, I decided to take a walk and visit with an old friend across the island in Bahama Village.

These are a handful and then some of Key West unique-ities (a.k.a. things you won't find in New Jersey) that mapped my course along the way to there and back again. . .

Watson Lane

Grinnel Street

Catherine Street

Amelia Street

Olivia Street

Julia Street

Virginia Street

Angela Street


KWBound said...

What is that on Angela Street?

arthur winstanley said...

It's a very close-up view of a section on what's left of Carolyn Gorton Fuller's "Bottle Fence". I thought the gnarly poured cement made an interesting still life in the late afternoon sun.

KWBound said...

Now I can see that's exactly what it is. Thanks for the clarification. And thanks for the picture essay. Great pictures, good memories. Thanks again.