Saturday, September 26, 2009

fresh water conchs

It's been a while since I've posted a picture of her lately but, my room-mate/constant companion/feline friend and most favorite furry critter, Maxine, celebrated her 11th birthday this year. (isn't that 77 in dog years?) Anyway, I thought a new view was due.

I had planned to take her down to Schooner Wharf where she could face down a few "big dogs" (believe me, I've seen her do it!) but she had a preference for the Parrot. Well, you know how Vagnoni is for pets in the place these days so that was out of the question. So, as disappointed as we were, we celebrated with a quiet night at home with cosmic catnip and way too much "sorry Charie" brand tuna fish.

Max and I have been partners for 10-1/2 of her 11 years and 11 years of my 57 varieties (can I get a kick-back from Mrs. Kerry?). We hooked up in Philadelphia while I was owner/operating my ad agency. One day she looked at me and said, "dude, you don't look real happy with yourself". Well, I thought about that a minute and knew she was right. (it had been nine years of that poison gas and honestly, I was bored shi*tless) So I said, "what do you think we should do?" Max said, "ROAD-TRIP!!!" (she loves to ride!!)

I packed her into a spacious cat carrier, laid it on the passenger seat of the T-Bird, hit the gas heading south and she bitched and moaned about being in that carrier from Philadelphia to Hollywood. (I was amazed she didn't get a sore throat). By the time I pulled up at the Neptune Motel in Key Largo for the overnight, I'd surrendered. The next morning, we cruised down the Keys in harmonious peace and quiet, me at the wheel and she basking in the sun on the platform just below the sloped back window like a backseat bobble-head big dog.

Well, it's been ten years since we blew into town. We've been through some changes, made some re-arranges and here we are, still hanging together, fat and happy "fresh water conchs". We keep the end$ pretty close, body, mind and spirit together and with blue water optimism, try to dream up what we're gonna do next.

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