Sunday, May 16, 2010

if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

Harris School

"I haven't written a word in weeks!"
This I mentioned to a friend over dinner this past weekend.
"That's probably because Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus on April 18th " she told me, "and when that happens all kinds of communications can get snarled up."
"How long does it last?" I asked her.
"This one will be over on Tuesday. . ."
"This coming Tuesday?"
"Yeah the 11th".

Now, I've never been a big one for astrology but I must admit that after a few weeks of nothing much to say, I woke up on the 12th with so much stuff banging around in my head, it took me three days to write it all down.
Makes you wanna say "hmmm. . ."

Sea the horizon at Ft. Zac

Anyway, I want to get my 2¢ in on that oil thing out in the Gulf.

Call it disaster, fiasco, catastrophe, debacle; I've even heard it called an act of God! Call it whatever you want but just don't call it a " leak". I mean have you seen the underwater video of what's going on out there?
Seriously, if you haven't, here's a link. . .

Sea Grapes at Ft. Zac

The notion of offshore oil drilling being anything near the neighborhood of "safe" is as bogus as the concept of "clean" coal.
Alright, but they're gonna do it anyway and we all accept the idea that, in this world, sometimes stuff happens. But, if you or I screw a pooch or make a mess (figuratively or literally), we take it on the chin and clean it up. With none of this not my fault, blame the other guy crap.
Did you catch any of those Senate hearings? (that's where I heard it called "an act of God")
Christ on Friday! It was like three 7 year olds arguing over who spilled the milk and special interest driven politicians (barely adolescents themselves) asking all the wrong questions!
What do they care who screwed up? The real deal is, how are the three stooges gonna make it right?
If the Senate really wanted to know what went wrong and how to right it, don't you think they'd want to be talking to the roustabouts (the guys who really do the work) instead of the corporate white hairs?
. . .Deliberate incompetence all around.

Up close & personal at Ft. Zac

Last week I saw the head guy from the EPA on Meet the Press. He was saying that if TransOcean, BP and Haliburton couldn't get it together, the government would step up to get it done.
(again, I was not reassured)

Then a radio talkshow (probably Hannity or something)
I heard two really stupid comments about all this;
One caller said, and I'm paraphrasing here, the liberals are just trying to use the spill for their own agenda. There's no disaster. Oil comes from the ground so it's as organic and natural as the water and birds and fish.
The other caller said the shrimpers and fishermen had nothing really to worry about because the oil would come up and float on the surface and the fish, after all, live under the water. (gotta love the "average" American)

Thanks to Reef Relief Founders

Do I know if any oil will wash up here?
Not really, I'm not so familiar with the motion of the ocean out there. But whether or not we get actual floating oil or "tar balls" at Ft. Zac, there are sure to be other types of impact. Already the oil is affecting oxygen levels in the water and sealife is suffocating and, the longer the oil is out there, the heavier it'll get; then it'll start to sink.
For our already fragile reef system, that can't be good.

Thanks again to Reef Relief Founders

. . .And as long as I've spent the afternoon ranting anyway,
I want to get one last thing off my chest.

It's a question really, for a guy I heard about a couple of weeks ago who calls himself "Jesse James". . .

Dude, are you out of your flippin' mind?

Sandra Bullock


DeeVon said...

Yeah, Art, you are so right about all this. It is a blasphemy. Actually, the scientists call it a "blow-out" not a spill. At any rate, I have been tracking all the news on the blowout for weeks now on my offshore oil blog at Check it out for updates on this horrendous catastrophe.
ps and thanks for the photo credits.

Arthur Winstanley said...

Hey Dee, Thanks for the comment.I know scientists are saying "blowout" but what got my blood up was the Murdoch networks trying to play down the severity with "spill". I'll visit your blog, absolutely. Photo credits are always the right thing to do, my thanks to both Craig and your lovely self for the great work you do.