Saturday, May 29, 2010


It doesn't happen that often so I'm not complaining but once in a while,like this morning, I'll be getting out of bed and involuntary make one my father's old fart groaning noises.
(I hate when that happens) And it's all because some old war wound decided, during the night, that it wanted to come, spend the day and remember old times.

I don't get it! Why on some days, old sports injuries hurt today when they didn't yesterday probably won't hurt tomorrow? The weather yesterday and today is exactly the same, I work sitting down and I don't do much heavy lifting (at least I didn't yesterday). Does something go on during the night when I'm asleep and not paying attention?
Anyway, I have two old sports injuries and this one was the one I got back in my baseball days. I tell myself "a little pain never hurt anybody", brew a cup of coffee and carry it out
to the porch.

With coffee cup in hand,
I reflected on my old baseball injury. . .
Rounding third and heading for home, I saw the cutoff man's throw coming to the plate faster than I was. The catcher turned and got set for the runner and it was a "decoy slide" to try to get around the tag. I hit the dirt and came out of the slide with a damaged quadricep femoris tendon.

I know I took the long way around to come to the point (sometimes that just the way it rolls) but I've always been fascinated with the idea of reflection.

Look at mirror, see your reflection smiling back at you (by the way, is "look at" or "look in" a mirror?), check your rearview mirror, there's a reflection of a cop coming up from behind to pull you over. Walk through a skyscraper canyon in New York City (my college town) and in the steel and glass of buildings on both sides of Madison Ave. is the reflection of the other. Look into your own mind, reflection occurs in the shine of our minds, see what was, what is and what could be.

Or just watch passing motion of the ocean and the lowering sunset, reflected on the starboard side of a well kept yacht. The reflection of our lifestyle in Paradise is there.
Opulence, extravagance and elegance. Wide open natural beauty. An easy pace and optimism.
Appreciation for the good day just going down and anticipation for a better day tomorrow.

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