Saturday, July 24, 2010

"bone island weekend, nude male show & sale"

Like I mentioned in my last post, July has turned out to be a fairly creative month. Just after the 4th, a friend came by the studio to tell me about an upcoming exhibition at the
"Art 612 Gallery"
on Fleming Street.
He suggested I might want to do a few pieces for the show and when I asked him what the theme of the exhibition was, he told me, a celebration of the male form.

I was intrigued; not since my years at The Art Students League doing figure drawings, portraits and life studies had I thought much about working with nude forms. I slept on the idea for a night, thought it might be fun and, the next morning, decided to move forward.
At that point, the show was less than two weeks away, I had a plateful of design projects working simultaneously and so for the sake of time, (time is a design element too) I chose to work with photography rather than acrylics.
I asked a fairly good-bodied friend if he'd sit for me, he agreed and we worked through a long productive afternoon shooting about 80 photographs.

"fantasy" 11" x 14" by Art Winstanley
Matted & framed, limited edition archival print. Available for purchase.

I knew, among the other artists in the show, there would be a few other photographers represented whose work would likely be in the stock and standard, dramatically lit,
black and white genre.
I'll admit that I shot some in the style too but, true to form, I ultimately wanted something other. So over the next week I worked the pictures over in PhotoShop and came away with a dozen finished works that I liked and of those, chose 3 limited edition prints that I would submit to the gallery.

En masse the "Bone Island Weekend Nude Male Show & Sale" made a good showing that ran for a long weekend and sold pretty well for an off-season event.

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