Friday, July 2, 2010

launch the western union - VIDEO

This past Wednesday morning I rode over to the Truman waterfront to watch the Schooner Western Union slip back into the sea.
She had been dry docked for a restoration that took 14 months and it looked like about 200 anxious Key Westers came down to cheer the event.

It was a very cool way too spend the morning and naturally
I took stills and shot video.

Enjoy. . .

click arrow to start video. run time, 3:58


Dan Mengedoht said...

Thanks for the video. What happened to the fancy stern name carving that was put on in 1997?
-Crew under Capt Finbar and Evalina Worthington

Arthur Winstanley said...

That's a good question. Maybe they'll re-fit it while they're rigging the sails and maybe our friends at HTA kept it as a souvenir.

Richard Arch said...

Being present at the re-launching of Schooner Western Union was an experience I wouldn't have missed for anything. Congratulations to everyone concerned.
Richard Arch
Cayman Islands