Wednesday, June 8, 2011

waiting for the light

So, it's happening again.
As it happens every year at about this time of year as I'm about to turn the page on being yet another chronological year older.
My mind starts to ponder "making a move".

When I was younger, full of all that piss and vinegar, I'd force the issue. . .
"Something wants to happen, something needs to happen, make something happen!"
But in these past few years, when that "need to make a move bug" bites, even though I still feel the hunger in my belly, I sit back and patiently wait for whatever it is that's going to happen, to happen organically.
Call it, as my late uncle Gene would say, "a function of age" or chalk it up to my comfortably settled and calm life-style in paradise; I'm content to wait for the motivational light to come on whenever it's ready to.

Some years there are inspired ideas and other years,
not so much.

It's never been a lack of interest or energy for me, it's coming up with the big idea and direction that's been the challenge for me. But once I get it, hide the women and children, Artman's on the loose.

So today, as I'm 365 days short of the big 6 - 0, I'm just gonna sit back and relax on this park bench at the foot of the pier and wait for that light to come on.

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