Friday, February 17, 2012

only in key west

Where could you find a row of rentable apartments living over a laundromat, next door to one of the best Cuban Cafés in town, all in the same building?
Only in Key West!

When I moved to Key West, the first two places I rented were without a washer or dryer. Well no, the second place had a washer/dryer but they were broken. I fixed them once but the fix didn't take. The rust was just too much (down here, the washers and dryers are kept outdoors) and the landlord, some kind of shyster management company, wasn't gonna spring for a new one.

Back then, I still had the T-Bird (my vehicle of deliverance) so I'd pile my dirty laundry in the trunk and haul them five minutes to the closest laundromat, M&M Laundry,
on White Street.

While I waited for the wash to cycle through, I surely did like the good food and coffee smells coming from Sandy's Café
next door.
Before too long there was no way to get the wash done
without a bocadillo de medianoche and con leché.

Later, I moved into a furnished apartment in Old Town near the bight, there was a washer/dryer on prem.
(and they did work)
So much for Sandy's, right?
Not quite.

Sandy's is halfway between Old Town and the White Street Pier where I like to spend an hour or so in the mornings.
(see "AT THE SPEED OF LIFE" for the back story)
So, naturally, Sandy's was the place I'd stop for my morning con leché along the way.

While I was still an advertising madman up on the NorthEast corridor, sometimes I'd ask myself "where is it even remotely possible for a power driven, over-achieving knucklehead ad man to find peace and quiet, to calm the hell down, make use some of that high school Spanish and, just be. . ."
Only in Key West!

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