Thursday, April 19, 2012

buddy's truck

Buddy Owens is a fixture in Key West;
An ol' bubba, and a friend.
He owns and operates "BO's FishWagon", a funky open air eatery on the corner of William and Caroline
here in Key West.

Designed to look like a ramshackle shack with old license plates, an outboard motor, ropes, buoys, hubcaps and hastily hand painted signs decorating the walls and this rusted out old pick-up truck outside on the William Street edge of the FishWagon's property.
(it used to have a naked lady mannequin sitting behind the wheel and waving out the window but she seems to have found another gig.)
The ashtrays are old tuna fish cans and the condiment holders; Corona six-pack cartons. . .

You get the idea.

Anyway, a few years ago, either the city or the cops or code enforcement told Buddy he had to move the rusted out old pick-up truck off William Street.

Well, move it Buddy did and for a good long time there was no rusted out old pick-up truck for the tourists to stand around taking pictures of each other sipping their margaritas.
(another Key West attraction bites the dust)

But then one day, as if by magic, the rusted out old pick-up truck was back on William Street, planted in it's old spot.
But sans the naked lady.

Could she have been the issue upsetting the sensibilities of our city fathers?
Or was it, as someone told me, it had to be moved because that rusted out old pick-up truck was illegally parked?

hmmm. . .

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