Sunday, April 1, 2012

the wreckers

This post hopefully compliments my last post "Mary" the salvage vessel.
(I seem to have wrecking and salvaging on the mind
this week)

Not far from where Mary is dry-docked, is "the Key West Historical Memorial Sculpture Garden".
(and isn't that a mouthful?)

It's a sculpture garden dedicated to people who have had the "greatest impact" on Key West.
It features 36 bronze busts depicting some of the men and women that made Key West a vibrant, colorful and important outpost of American culture and folklore.

I wrote about once before, in my post "Busted" a few years ago but this time I want to focus on these dudes.

This life size sculpture, "The Wreckers" is the centerpiece, more or less, of the sculpture garden.

I was on my way out of the newspaper office the other day, free from my comfortable desk and state-of the-art computer and took a few minutes to study the piece.

My thought was, for all our myths and romanticizing about wrecking and salvaging, just how tough that actual work must really have been. . .

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