Monday, July 16, 2012

thought for food

 Before I get into todays rant, a shout out for good friend, soul brother and saxophonist extrodinair√©, Marty Stonely who was hit by a car while walking a dog last week.

By all reports he's suffered a concussion but other than that (as if that isn't enough) he's got no broken bones and will recover nicely.

My prayers are out there for you my friend.

Thought for Food. . .
Some people live to eat, I eat to live.

For the most part, I keep a pretty short leash on my diet.
It's not and never has been a weight thing, I've been 160 lbs. since I was in high school.
(back when we wrote on stone tablets)

It's just that I've learned, over the years, more about nutrition and, more personally, what this mortal coil will enjoy and digest without any grief.

For example, I limit myself to only two cups of coffee in the morning (which, if you knew me when I was younger, it would be an "are you kidding, no way!!")

I make one hell of a green smoothie from
blueberries, bananas and spinach and a vegetable stew that, I've heard from friends I've shared it with, is to die for.
(yeah, I cook - sue me)
 There's not a lot of meat in my diet but for fish, usually Grouper or Snapper, I eat a garden salad every day and I do love my oatmeal.

I know not to eat greasy stuff (I learned that one the hard way a lot of years ago).
And like I said, it's never been about weight, it's all about feelin' alright.

I do the best I can but I'm the first to admit, that as good as I try to keep at it, I ain't no saint.

Every few months I'll stray from the nutritional path, and go over to Willie T's for a bacon cheeseburger.

  A couple of years ago I got on a kick for Cheetos.  . .

Last year it was Pepperige Farm cookies. . .

 . . .and just recently it was the all time favorite breakfast cereal of my childhood, CocoaPuffs.

 In every instance my body says, "what the hell is wrong with you man?"
Then, after the immediate gratification, there are several days of intestinal grief.

You'd think I'd know better by now.

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