Sunday, September 16, 2012

on this site. . .

They're everywhere and we've all seen them. . .

"Historic Site Markers" mentioning something or other that happened in history and somehow rates being remembered
in perpetuity.

While I was owner/operating my Design/Advertising Agency in Philadelphia, I'd travel around town and I'd see Historic Site Markers on almost every other block.  
(for a small city, Phili's a big town for it's history)

Historic Site Markers are a National Pastime.
Hells Bells, we've even got one on the Moon!

Now, most of you know I'm a history junkie.
So I really like the signs.

But honestly, read enough Historic Site Markers and, at some point, you've got more Historic Site information than your brain can contain.

You could give yourself a case of mental indigestion.

That's why I particularly liked the Historic Site Marker I found here in Key West on the corner of Caroline Street
& Pecan Lane. . .

 There's nothing to try to remember. . .

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