Friday, September 26, 2008


The only thing I was looking for in moving to the Keys, all those many years ago, was a quiet smooth and simple life and, for the most part, it's been exactly that. 

But last week I found out that I am suddenly a co-owner in an insurance company and have multiple holdings in Real Estate.
 Did I miss a meeting? 
I don't recall anyone asking me if I'd be interested in being such an investor.Now that I am though, will I have to dust off my three piece suit and power tie to show up at board meetings?
. . .and, if things go well for my involuntary investments, will I get a quarterly dividend check?
. . .or, if things go badly, will I be obliged to dive out a 14th floor window? I'd have to drive up to Miami to make that leap, which means I'd better run over to the credit union for a second line of credit on a car. . .

. . .Suddenly my quiet, smooth and simple life has a few wrinkles in it.

It's hard to ignore all these recent bankster pranks, they're everywhere! 
On the internet and radio, in a firestorm of unsolicited e-mails, in the press and 24/7 live streaming video. Christ, I'm afraid to look under the bed!!

The Washington wiz-kids need $700 billion dollars and they've gotta have it by the end of the week! They're as frantic for it as my daughter is when she needs the First National Bank of Dad to send her $500 bucks RIGHT AWAY!!

In my world, there hasn't been much reason to consider billions and billions of dollars. 
In fact, the only times I've ever even said "billions and billions" is on those rare occasions when I do my Carl Sagan impersonation.

So being visually oriented, as artists are, I wrote it down. . .
(You know, that's more zeros than my calculator can deal with.)

I still couldn't get my head around how much money $700,000,000,000.00 really was. 
So I looked some stuff up. . .

$700,000,000,000.00 is $140,000,000,000.00 more than has been spent, to date on the Iraq war.
If you stacked $700,000,000,000.00 in quarters, they would reach roughly 3 million miles into space.
and, the famous one. . .
$700,000,000,000.00 could buy 2,000 McDonalds apple pies for every man women and child in America.

Now I'm not an economist and like I said my calculator won't deal with all those zeros. But as a thinking man I had to wonder. . .
If the Federal Government is hell bent on solving their financial problem by throwing money at it, wouldn't it be less expensive for them to throw every person in America (all 305,244,837 of us) $1,000,000.00 each?
Then we could all pay our mortgages, pay off our cars, fill up our gas tanks and "go shopping". After all, it's only Monopoly money. So what difference does it make how it gets spread around? Wouldn't that save the day or, would that be benefiting all the wrong special interests, like "we the people".

That's where all this stops being funny.

The Fed would have no interest in solving the problem even if they could and it didn't "sneak up" on them. You know yourself, when you're running low on funds you're aware of it long before the money's actually gone and you deal with it. 
This financial chaos was contrived by the handful of global gold holding ruling families and greed-crazed banksters who pull the strings of our Punch and Judy politicians who, in turn, bludgeon "we the people" with patriotic rhetoric and "high ideals".

I've linked a couple of video clips below. They are a recent interview with Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul (R - Texas) who, although isn't a presidential candidate any more, is a sane and sober economic voice with a more realistic perspective on the game going on around us. . .

Ron Paul on Glen Beck 9/18/08 - Part 1
Ron Paul on Glen Beck 9/18/08 - Part 2

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