Friday, September 19, 2008


I promise, I didn't set this shot up. . .
But because I travel around with a camera roughly 98% of the time and pay attention to what's going on in the world around me (also 98% 0f the time) things jump out.

What grabbed me about these three buckets, left by my neighbor's kids in their front yard, were their colors. . .
Red, Green & Blue.

Now if you just thought, "big deal, there's also T in China", let me explain real quick.
As an Artist/Designer I recognized Red, Green & Blue as the color separation formula for CRTs (TV & computer screens).
Anyway that's why the colors caught my eye in the first place but while I was uploading the picture to my iMac I thought hmmm, R,G & B could also stand for. . .

The names of three old girlfriends - RoseAnne, Gloria & Beatrice
or three friends from around town - Richard, Gary & Bob
or even three brand names of beer - Rheingold, Grolsch & Budweiser. . .

At that point the beast was out of the cage and I just started freelancing the whole concept. . .

baseball players - Cal Ripken Jr., Lou Gherig & Barry Bonds
artists - Renoir, George Seurat & Botticelli
astronauts - Roger Chaffe, John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin
fruits - Raspberries, Grapes & Bananas
vegetables - Rutabaga, Green Beans & Brussel Sprouts
italian foods - Risotto, Gnocchi & Braciole
rock bands - Rush, Genises & Beatles
governmental behaviors - Repression, Gerrymandering & Bank Bailouts
dead presidents - Richard Nixon, Grover Cleveland & James Buchanan
crooked politicians - that one broke the bank, so let's skip it. . .

and finally. . .
essentials for living a balanced, healthy life in Key West - Rent, Groceries & Beer

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