Friday, September 5, 2008

blue sky

I'm just back from Fausto's (the local grocery store) where the talk on almost everyone's lips was, "Ike's headin' this way and we're gonna get somethin'!".

True enough, I thought, I get an e-mail report every 6 hours from the NHC (National Hurricane Center), I check in with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) at least twice a day and I receive those great assessments from Bryan Blankenship every few days (I like being informed).
. . .and yes, it's looking like we're in for week of wicked weather.

But, that's all a day or two or three away yet and stepping outside this afternoon, here was this cloudless, clear blue view of the universe.

The photographer in me said "just take the picture" while the human in me thought, "before we let the gray skies scare us off and bum us out, why don't we let the blue skies give us hope and cheer us up?" (after all, this is what we live and breathe at least 80% of the year).
And the Yogi in me knew that if ever one of my grandchildren asked me, "why is the sky blue?", my simple answer would be, "because it's God's favorite color."

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janna said...

Thanks for the invite, Arthur. Your blog is beautiful! I hope you weather the storm well, and may those blue skies return soon.