Monday, March 16, 2009

daylight savings time

Some time along the line of all my blogging I must've mentioned that I get my days started pretty early. Four in the morning is a pretty peaceful couple of hours on the rock. The bars are closed, the airport's quiet and except for an occasional screaming cop-siren racing to break-time for a doughnut fix, I can get my daily dose of Joey Reynolds and inner reflection with only the background sound of god breathing through the trees.

Anyway, I noticed something this week. We're a handful of days into "Daylight Saving Time" and this early in the cycle, the light of day is still just a bit behind the clock and by seven, as I'm shifting my mind's focus from the early morning R&R to the rest of the day, it's still mostly dark out there. Like a long yawn into morning, the days are getting a slower start.
I know, in a week or two, our clocks and earthly orbit will be in sync again, all will be well with the world and I'll find the light where I expect it to be.
But for now, instead of getting "great by eight", I just want to go back to bed.

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