Sunday, March 1, 2009

lying in the shade like a lazy dog

There's not a lot going on today so I'm just lying out here in the shade like a lazy dog. I'm sure I ought to be worrying about terrorism, counter-terrorism, over-the-counter terrorism or something but today I can't inspire the interest.

I am, though, having a thought of "thanks again" to Helen and our friends from Save Our Pines for putting an end to the Sate sanctioned Australian Pine chain-saw massacre. Because of their good work, the birds still have a place to sit and I can lie in the shade like a lazy dog and let my mind go wandering through the galaxy.

Remember when the only time we used the word "trillions" was when we were talking about the number of galaxies in the universe? Now we can argue about a Federal budget in "trillions"! The Republican Party (who really ought to re-name themselves the "Going Away Party") say it's too much while the Democratic Party says it's too little. I personally can't get my head around how "trillions" of anything can't be enough.

What's "more than enough" is six kids. My parents had six kids and raised us all under the same roof. It was a "trying" experience for all concerned, (the older I get, the more I ask myself. . . "what were they thinking?"). So why, someone tell me why, is a girl with six kids clamoring in the kitchen already, fooling with fertility drugs and breeding eight more? (the media calls her "Octo-mom" but I'm betting, if it weren't for FCC rules, they'd be calling her "Octopu#*@. . ." [think James Bond])

Anyway, now the girl's got fourteen kids and the "powers that be" are in her business and Dr. Phil is in her face. They won't let her take her kids home because she's judged to be broke. But when she solves that problem, getting a million dollar offer to do a part in a porn flick, the "powers that be" won't let her take her kids home because she's judged to be potentially immoral.

The last time I looked (or heard a politician speak) we were a nation of over-devoted Christians. . .
What ever happened to Matthew: 7-1?

I have a good friend who gets pretty judgmental at times (maybe you do too). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy her good company and I love her to tears but when I see the critical cleaver coming, I'm out of there. Whatever she gets on about - sex, politics, religion or how this one does one thing and that one does another - I can't bear to hear it.

I'd rather be lying out here in the shade like a lazy dog and hearing the wind whisper to me through the tops of these beautiful trees. It's whispering to me now. . .
"Chinese Food. . . Chinese Food. . . Chineeeeeeese. . ."

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