Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hot as sun, addendum

As felines go, my girl Max is pretty smart.
She's had an indoor/outdoor, as she pleases, lifestyle since we've lived in Key West but she knows where the eats are so she always stays close.

When we lived over on William, I kept a bedroom window propped open for her so she could ingress and egress but when we moved over here to Ashe, where we have jalousie windows, propping a window wasn't do-able. So instead, I designed a way to rig the front door so she could get in or out at will. It took her maybe 15 minutes, but she did figure out how to open the door from either side.
(I thought that was pretty cool)

Anyway, for the past few months as our weather's warmed up, she's been spending most of her time out on our porch where the tile flooring is (or must be) cooler and comfortable for her.
But in the past handful of days, as our weather's gotten hot and sticky, she's figured out that the A/C is on in the art studio. So at just about 2pm she'll break from her sleeping and preening out on the porch, open the door from the outside, come in, go back to the studio and continue her sleeping and preening under my drawing table. And there she'll stay, cool and comfy, until about 8pm, when things are cooling off. Then she'll open the door from the inside and assume her position back out on the porch. I just love watching her figure stuff out.

By the way, when it's January/February she's smart enough to get under the covers at the foot of the bed.

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