Wednesday, June 2, 2010

keys congress

An avalanche of sound was in the wind. It pushed the memory button in my brain; Something I'd experienced on Montauk Point or Cape Cod?

A gathering of gulls on their secluded roost; squawking, laughing and whining and squawking some more to shout each other down.

So familiar. . .
I closed my eyes and listened longer to the cacophony in a language I didn't understand. No rhythm or rhyme, no quality of tone, no harmony; Just the mad chaos of mindless noise.

Eyes still closed, a picture began to form in my mind and all at once the recognition came to me. It was as though I were watching C-SPAN 2 and it's gavel to gavel coverage of Congress.

I opened my eyes and yes, there she was, Pigeon Pelosi; Center stage at the Dias holding court in an ocean of mindless chatter. Unable or unwilling to bring or maintain order. The ruckus reigned supreme until, as though a recess bell had been rung, the flock at once scattered.

Now it was "every man for himself" each competing against the other for the satisfaction of their own best interests.

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