Tuesday, June 29, 2010

another key west sculpture garden

Turn any corner in Key West and you're very likely to "stumble upon" outdoor sculpture.

Whether they're entries for "Art In Public Places" or "Sculpture Key West" or privately held collections like "Nancy's Secret Garden" or these pictured here at
"The Gardens Hotel".

I found my way to the Gardens Hotel a little over a week ago to cover a political rally.
After spending a couple of hours covering the event, hobnobbing with any number of politicos, pundits and the like, my attention shifted and, as is my way, I wandered off.

I found myself in the quiet and secluded luxury of the Gardens' garden and under the tropical canopy, in and among the ground greenery, I found yet another Keys eclectic collection of sculpture.
(Well why not? Like I said at the start, turn any corner
in Key West. . .)

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