Sunday, July 10, 2011

celestial dancer

I was commissioned to draw this piece a few years ago by a girl who had the notion of opening a sort of holistic day-spa.
The work was intended to bolster the spiritual and energetic flow of her endeavor.

"Celestial Dancer", digital illustration by Art Winstanley, © 2011

It's spacial background acknowledges that we are all, to quote Carl Sagan, "the stuff of stars" and one in a common being. The dancer herself, broken to imply the ancient-ness of the Hindu tradition in which she exists and gracefully positioned to translate our inherent energy on this physical plane of being. The hoops, with respect to order and color, represent the 7 chakras that govern that energy.

Sadly, the day-spa had a short shelf-life and not as many spiritually minded eyeballs as I had hoped, as an artist, saw the piece.

So to share all her spiritual energy and set her good intentions free, I've posted my commissioned Celestial Dancer here.


. . .and while I'm a bit "on" about commissions, let me mention that I'm back on the "sales trail" and looking for a few more. Please take a minute (and 27 seconds) to watch my video portfolio. If we can work together on anything, feel welcome to be in touch.


Click arrow to start video. Run time, 1:27

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