Thursday, July 21, 2011

water, water @ IBM

A kind of cool thing has happened in Artman-land over
the last few days.

I was contacted by a woman in New York who represents an ad agency in Los Angeles. It seems the ad agency's client, IBM, is celebrating its 100th anniversary.
As part of that celebration, they're putting together a
multi-screen/multi-media presentation that will run for
a few months at Lincoln Center in NYC and several other venues before being relegated to a single screen presentation on the internet, presumably, for the rest of time.

As part of that presentation, they had been looking "high and low" for a photograph of the surface of water.
(no, I don't know why)

Of all the hundreds or thousands of pictures they found, they chose a picture I posted on "Key West the Blog" way back in early August of 2008 and decided that, yes, they wanted to
use it.

The young lady asked me if I was cool with it, I said "sure" and happily licensed the piece out to them.

I did have to ask her though, how she found an obscure photograph I took of the surface of one of my ex-girlfriend's wading pools, three years ago.
Her reply was. . .
"don't ever underestimate the power of Google."

It just goes to show. . .
. . .you never know.

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Anne said...

Do let us know when it reaches Lincoln Center! Along with any coverage as well. I'll be "wading".