Saturday, November 15, 2008

Babs & Babs: a case for re-incarnation

Babs & Babs met in springtime, the season of rebirth. Both were mid-way through this lifetime and both had traveled, within months of each other, the great distance to their unlikely encounter from the same northern neighborhood where they knew nothing of each other.

Even so, they had seen each other in their hopes and dreams and searched silently for each other in prayer and meditation. Their meeting stopped the clock, the old recognition was immediate, organic; the universe smiled on them and vague memories of past acquaintance warmed the flow between them.

There was so much to be said, so much to be learned. The unfinished business of another time, another reality, another lifetime. In the blink of an eye their worlds had changed and in common consciousness they found comfort. They were, at once, again one. In a heartbeat they were soul mates, rediscovered friends and, in this lifetime, lovers. There was harmony, spiritual fulfillment, wonder and magic.

Yet, unseen by either, the karmic wheel ground like a gristmill on their joy. Their half century of breathing had taken it's toll. Scars became more apparent, old wounds began again to bleed. A selfish action, an unkind word and the well of good intention was tainted. The band-aid of apology was not enough to ease the pain. From joy to sorrow in so short a time, Babs & Babs began to drift. From where they were one, now they are two, separated by love - united by fear.

Why now, why here each wonders, a cosmic chance meeting in this unlikely place? Like children they played as the closest of friends and it's here that it started and here that it ends.

The headstones of children caught up in a flood of avarice and ego. Two souls searching for each other beyond the light of day and a timeless embrace is all that is left to mark their being. They've lived through eternity the closest of friends. They'd been here before and they'll be here again.

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remember the man gone!!!

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