Monday, November 24, 2008

trumbo point

While was out and about yesterday I made a left where I might have gone right and found my way to the back end of Bahama Village that borders the navy base.

The vaguely Aztec looking emplacement appears to be a long abandoned hollow hill.

I'd seen this kind of military structure years ago, when I was living in New Jersey, at the old Nike missile base on Sandy Hook.

The installation made for some great pictures and when I got home I tried to find more information about the why, when and how of the place. Sadly, I came up empty. So, if anyone would care to share any information about this or offer a lead as to where I might gain a little insight, I would appreciate it.

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The Bowen Family said...

My wife and I met in Key West and miss it much. One of the houses we lived in during our 5 year stay down there was at 106 Olivia St.Upstairs in the yellow modular right next to these. We left KW right after Wilma. They are old concrete sided bunkers that used to house artillery. Not silo's just protection for stuff they did not want blown up( like their ammunition). Just so you know there is a few(some large) goats that live inside that little compound. They put them there to keep the hills groomed. Also a few extremely feral cats that live there as well. Just wanted to let you know for a good picture opportunity on a nice day. I used to tell people in KW of Jenn and I having "pet" goats and I would have to take a walk and show them otherwise they would not believe us. Keep up the blog.
Thanks, David