Thursday, November 6, 2008

waxing crescent gibbous

So, after two long years (just 3 weeks after I started experiencing symptoms of chronic campaign burnout) the federal election process is complete. The results are in and Barack Obama has carried the day.
With the whole world watching the United States has again set an historic precedent by electing the first ever person of color to an office of head of state. Whether or not any of the politics change, that in and of itself, is an historic cultural step forward.

There also seems, in these past few days, to be a fresh breeze of American optimism in the air.
However any of us voted, this election has shifted our presence energy. We've elected a younger man, a forward thinker with a proven ability to inspire action and an analytical organizer willing, to try at least, to take our run-amuck government in hand. But the thing, I think, that will bring the most immediate positive response from our society is, he'll be bringing the pure and positively contagious energy of children (and their new puppy) to a place where, for far to long, the halls have been devoid of any spark of newness or inspiration.

Sure, there is no magic wand to wave and cure what ails us. . .
The war will drag on, our economic troubles will still be with us for a while and the effects of whatever other neo-con-jobs WE THE PEOPLE have had to endure (like the Patriot Act & the Department Homeland Security) won't be going away any time soon. But maybe, just maybe we'll feel a little more optimistic, a little more inspired, a little more attentive and interested. Then maybe from our rekindled spark we might regain the rest of the light we've lost.

. . .At least we can hope so, and even that's a good start.

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