Wednesday, March 3, 2010

republicrats & demigods

God only knows what got into me last week when, very dutifully at 10am, I tuned into C-SPAN to watch and listen to the now infamous "HealthCare Summit". Honestly, I wasn't expecting to learn or hear anything new but I'm always interested in governmental process.
(or the apparent lack of it)

Like you, I've got my own picture of what a National HealthCare initiative could look like and over a short beer could explain it to you. Then you could explain your version to me and the odds are you'd like and not like parts of mine, I'd like and not like parts of yours but, we'd both head for home with a couple of new ideas to think about.

While I listened to our "representatives" regurgitate their well worn talking points and take polite political potshots at each other, they only reaffirmed what most of us already know. . .
They couldn't give a tinker's damn about "HealthCare", the "American People" or "governing" (you know, the job we allegedly sent them there to do?). You could hear it in every measured word and see it in every sideways glance around
the table. . .
All that matters to those broken old mama-lamas, on both sides of the isle, is their mid-term elections in November.

By the time they broke for lunch I was, "alright, enough already".

The whole thing was a CliffsNotes version of how our government works.
It's inefficient, ineffective, self absorbed, bought and paid for. . .
Our government is broken.

Do I think we should have National HealthCare?
Hell yes!
But I think, before it can really do any good, they'll have to outsource the administration and management of it.
I don't believe any of us can trust our current government to figure out how pour piss out of a boot, even if the instructions are written on the heel.

But you know, it's not the individuals. Fact is, I like the President (although I sometimes wish he'd finally grow a pair) and I'm willing to bet (with the possible exceptions of McCain and Pelosi) that the rest of our "representatives" are basically pretty nice people too.
But, get 'em in a room together and you've got to question their governance come from.
I mean, if you're dealing with terrorists, you govern from strength. If you're dealing with illegals, you govern from understanding and if you're dealing with sick people who need help, you govern from compassion.

But these otherwise possibly nice, yet not so very bright people have unwittingly sold their souls to a system that allows only a one size fits all governance posture of greed and self interest. They're trapped in it, we're trapped by it and the men behind the curtain, the real "powers that be", rake in the profits.

The American ship of state is stuck on a sandbar and taking on water and all our powerless puppet politicians have the initiative to do is posture over whether the flatwear should go to the right or the left of the Presidential plate.

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