Thursday, August 7, 2008

off the rock

If you're a thinking person living full time on an island that's barely 2 miles wide by 4 miles long, sooner or later "island fever" kicks in and your brain starts to feel a bit sautéed.
When that happens, most of us locals know, it's time to get
"off the rock".

Many hop in their cars and drive up to the mainland for a few days. (of course the price of gas is putting a crimp in that one, aye?) Others suffer the indignity of inspection, detection, infection, neglection and selection just to board a plane, fly north and be made crazy by the folks back home. (been there, done that too. . .)

So for me these days, wind and water is the way to go.

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Georgia's blogs said...

Absolutely perfect..why oh why NOT!