Saturday, December 6, 2008

nice work if you can get it. . .

I want to find a good job. The kind where I can show up for six months or a year and then tell the boss that I want to take two years off (all expenses paid) to fly all over the country and look for a new and better job and then, while I'm away, I can expect to keep collecting my full salary and medical benefits.

If I don't find a new and better job, I can come back - no harm no foul - and if I do find a new and better job, I won't even have to give the old boss 2 weeks notice. Where can I find my dream job?
Three words. . .
Obama, Clinton, McCain.

Now, I don't have the gene that compels someone to want to be President so I can't understand why anyone would want to be. But for those who do, don't you think they could chase after the new and better job on their own time, like the rest of us have to? Or at least, if you're doing your job search on company time, couldn't you keep your time frame down to a month or two weeks?

Obama, Clinton, McCain. . .
Think about it a minute, all three of those knuckleheads work for us. In theory, WE THE PEOPLE pay their salaries. Can you remember getting the memo requesting a leave of absence? I can't.

While a rogue president was busy looting the treasury, waging two wars that none of us sanctioned and making us take our shoes off at the airport, these three "federal employees", who might have made at least an insignificant difference, didn't even show up for work unless it was a publicity stunt intended to expedite the job search. What's wrong with this picture?

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