Friday, December 19, 2008


In deep dreamless sleep, consciousness is still there but is covered over by the darkness.
In that sleep we don't know what day it is or if we are men or women; we are only aware of consciousness. Imagine if we could go into deep sleep while we were awake. To enter a sphere of consciousness but consciousness of no particular thing, only a calm awareness of being.

In meditation we can step back from our lives that are seemingly "out there" and bring our focus within. With an internal focus, we can realize that all life goes on within us and everything "out there" is just an interpretation of what we think we perceive.

Sitting in silence, our minds turn inward. Aware of only our breathing, thoughts become whispers and our worldly worries give way to calm. In that calm, our egos are quieted and our fears are put to rest. We find within ourselves the harmonic peace of conscious energy that connects all things.

It's not always so easy and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a flood of thoughts and "Monkey-Mind" come splashing down on our peace. Our focus lost and our calm is upset.

But with patience and practice we can learn to gently shift our focus away from the outward intruders and back to that one point within. With patience and practice our focus sharpens and our mind's eye begins to see clearly, the reality within.

Our clarity establishes or renews our faith that our existence is so much more than the handful of years we spend eating and breathing in this lifetime. That we are all connected in a universal consciousness and, being connected in that awareness, we are the One.

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