Sunday, December 28, 2008

sittin' in limbo

I've been rummaging around the studio this afternoon trying to decide which piece of artwork I'll submit for the Anne McKee Auction next month. I don't usually have any trouble making decisions and although I've decided on "When Wicked Weather This Way Comes" for the upcoming event, I have to admit that it took the better part of the day to come to it.

"Snake Shares His Apple" colored pencil on cotton rag, 11" x 14" matted & framed

It's this week, the seven days between Christmas and New Year's that I've always thought of as a sort of Limbo. (You know, that place where dearly departed souls go while they wait for God to make up his mind about where to send them.)
Really, it's like that, a lazy four day weekend then two and a half days back to work (but not really) followed by another lazy four day weekend with an extrememe possibility of hangover. You can't really start a new project because it'll just have to be shelved in favor of the festivities in a couple of days. So it's just kind of hang out, watch T.V. or read, sleep in and eat leftovers.

"Salvage Hand" colored pencil on cotton rag, 11" x 14" matted & framed

I know I should be maximizing the down time by refining my search engine optimization skills or something but, in my "Limbo laziness" I can't seem to get going on it. So I'll just lay back and watch my Netflix movie - "Hancock" - a third time, re-read Key West The Blog's rave review on page 5 of this week's Solares Hill, polish off the last of that apple pie and go back to bed.

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