Monday, October 12, 2009

columbus day (& other odd notions)

I didn't remember, until I picked up my con leché at Five Brother's this morning, that today is Columbus Day.

what the hell is he lookin' at?

The banks are closed (no rubber checks today), courts are closed, (anybody who got busted on Friday night, gets an extra day in jail) and the post office is closed (which always screws up my Netflix schedule). But not much else will be different for the day.

first, last & security?

It's pretty common knowledge, at this point, that when old Columbus made land fall at San Salvadore the Vikings had long since discovered, explored and, in a few cases, settled on North America. So suppose Columbus had sailed south of the Bahamas (easy enough for him to do, he didn't have a compass) and instead made landfall at Cayo Hueso. He could've got himself a T-shirt (it's hard to imagine Key West, at any point in history, without T-shirt shops) that read, "you can't be first but you could be next!"

corner buoys?

But it was not to be and the first European to land in our little island was Ponce De Leon which, I've always thought, starts to explain the "just short of normal" attitude in the island air here. I mean that knucklehead came here looking for the "Fountain of Youth" so, right from the beginning. . .

flying wallenda?

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