Thursday, October 15, 2009

cruzan for bruzan

Another one of those things you've gotta love about Key West is it's spontaneous nature. It's cool to make plans every now and then but if you don't, and just hang out long enough, something will come up on it's own and, ten out of ten times, it's gonna be fun.

Last night I found myself, very unexpectedly, at Bagatelle for a three course, sit down Rum Pairing Dinner.

Hosted by Cruzan Rum, almost everyone in Key West's Bar and Restaurant industry was introduced to Cruzan's lines of aged and flavored rums while they (and I), ate our faces off.

john, the rum runner

I enjoyed my Shrimp Ceviche and Jamaican Sweet Curry Chicken. At the table with me were most of the crew from Big 'Un's (a.k.a. Teaser's) and a very lovely woman, Kate, who publishes the Keys Weekly newspapers. (two newspaper people sitting side by side over dinner. . . do you think the subject of Monique came up?)

andrea, the rum goddess

Anyway, by the end of the night, I had learned more about rum than I ever thought I needed to know. How it's made, the technique for taste testing it and why aging rum in used Jim Beam barrels is a good thing.

courtney, the rum queen

An informational night and a fun night. (you can always learn more stuff when you're having fun)

clayton & chris, the rum pumpers

Key West the Blog's thanks to Kimberly, John, Andrea, Courtney, Clayton, Chris and our Bagatelle waitress for another great night, out on Duval.

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