Friday, October 30, 2009

toga • toga • toga • toga

Well it's Fantasy Fest week again. Key West's head start on the rest of the planet, toward the silly season.

Early in the week, most of the fantasy festivities are either private or paid admission and even though I've been to some of those events in years past, this year I've got more practical things to do with my money.

But that's the beauty of the Fantasy Fest experience, in terms of how one might celebrate it, it's really versatile. You can walk in the parade one year and ride on a float the next. Be a madness monitor, sell beer from a booth or, like I'm gonna do this year, just sit back and take it all in. The only real constant is, you've gotta have beads.
(hell, even Max has her own beads)

Last night I found my way to Duval and Greene for Sloppy Joe's Annual Toga Party. (I think I read somewhere this was their 26th annual)

Did you ever wonder where, otherwise "normal" people find a toga?
Well, a friend of mine works at Sloppy's merchandise store. (T-shirts and such) She says Sloppy's sells used hotel bed sheets, sashs and handfuls of safety pins at eight bucks a pop!
(only in Key West, aye?)

Anyway, here's a little of what last night's merry making looked like. But listen, you might want to screen this one before you share it with the kiddies.
Otherwise, enjoy. . .

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