Wednesday, October 21, 2009

god in motion

During this particular (sometimes peculiar) lifetime, I've experienced more than enough strange stuff to ever deny that somewhere among us, is the presence of "something other". Call it "higher power" or "spirit in the sky", "universal consciousness", "unconditional love" or "God". . .
I believe it co-exists within and without us.

While agnostics think they corner the market on needing proof, a visible "real world" manifestation of that "something other" before they might embrace the concept of it's being, they're not hardly alone. Sometimes even persons of faith, (unless they're zealots) question their convictions.

During one of my questioning times, not long after I had started my meditation practice, I recalled these words attributed to the Christ in verse 113 of the Thomas Gospel,
". . .the kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth but men (and He meant women too) do not see it."

It's pretty common knowledge that after 2,000 years of translations from Aramaic and Hebrew to Greek, Latin, German and finally English - from a guy who spoke in metaphor in the first place - lots has been lost in the telling.

The word "kingdom" for example, is not really accurate.
The Christ wasn't talking about a sky-scraping invisible castle on a hilltop (like something out of Jason and the Argonauts). He was meaning that the "reign" (a.k.a. presence) of a "higher power", "spirit in the sky", "universal consciousness", "unconditional love" or "God" is within us and all around us but, because we're all caught up in our day-to-day frantic antics, we look right past it.

Well, I started looking for some signs of that presence.

I was out and about one afternoon, taking care of business and keeping an eye peeled. I'd been working the problem for over a week and was still coming up empty. But that particular afternoon, I pondered my way past the Green Parrot and at just that moment the jukebox let loose with, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. . ."
My first thought was, "well, goo goo a 'joob, I know that!" (we've all seen J.T.'s "one human family" bumper-stickers) But then I thought, "it's bigger than that!" Every human, every Key West chicken and polydactyl (6 toed) cat, every blade of grass and palm tree, the ocean and every cloud in the sky, molecule in the air and rock on the moon, every ring around Saturn and star in the night sky are made out of the same stuff.

On a mega-molecular/quantum physics level, everything that "is", is inter-connected. The whole universe is a single energy field of being, an expression of one creation. That being the case, which I believe it is, there must be a manifestation of that "higher power", "spirit in the sky", "universal consciousness", "unconditional love" or "God" common to everything, that we humans, even at our limited level of gross existence, might realize organically.

I was sitting at the picnic table under the Kapok Tree in front of the courthouse when it came to me. . .
The lawyer lady in her judiciously short skirt and heels making a break for Fred's Courthouse Deli, the Conch Train and all the tourists riding it, the hands on the courthouse clock, the chickens & pigeons pecking around in the dirt and the necking geckos. . .
The grass brushing in the breeze, the trees swinging in the wind, the clouds, a string of last year's Fantasy Fest beads hung up on a phone line and me, shifting my weight from cheek to cheek on the wooden bench. . .
Everything was moving.

The manifestation of "higher power", "spirit in the sky", "universal consciousness", "unconditional love" or "God",
I reckoned, is MOTION.

We can see it, we can feel it and we all participate in it. We can't create it, we can't stop it. Motion is everywhere, always has been and always will be. It is welcoming and non-judgemental. It is within us and without us. . .

Aren't those traits sounding a lot like those of our "higher power", "spirit in the sky", "universal consciousness", "unconditional love" or "God"?

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